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Catalyst Cloud by BCG

Businesses worldwide are striving to boost their performance by extracting valuable insights from data, crafting the right competitive strategies, and maximizing efficiency in their mission-critical processes. Catalyst Cloud by BCG helps companies meet these imperatives by combining artificial intelligence with human intelligence to strengthen their decision-making prowess.

How can companies get more from their data and apply AI to boost efficiency in their core business processes? They must become bionic companies—which couple flexible, easy-to-use technology with the experience of their people. That will empower informed decision making and produce measurable business outcomes.

Catalyst Cloud—a next-generation cloud-based data management platform built by BCG GAMMA (our advanced-analytics experts) and powered by Microsoft Azure—helps them make this change by efficiently and effectively managing, modeling, analyzing, and visualizing data. Companies deploying this innovative, highly customizable solution can extract the insights needed to:

  • Predict business outcomes
  • Accelerate decision making
  • Reduce risk
  • Infuse new efficiencies into operations

Catalyst Cloud offers a robust, scalable platform with built-in services. It combines collaborative thinking and big data, giving our clients 24-7 access to a powerful data workbench and a shared workspace. Boasting a highly intuitive interface, the solution enables exceptional data management and provides a powerful, closely managed data warehouse and comprehensive data manipulation tools. Atop this cloud-based data management platform are AI-driven apps that clients can yield insights and inform vital decisions.

Equally valuable, Catalyst Cloud lets clients automate mundane, repetitive tasks and processes with just a few clicks. And with their data stored in a central, standardized format, companies can deploy increasingly sophisticated AI algorithms without requiring teams of data science PhDs.

The Advantages of Catalyst Cloud by BCG

This enterprise cloud solution gives our clients crucial competitive advantages at every step in the data-based decision-making process—including impressive speed to impact through the combination of high-performance, fully automated analytics and the easy-to-deploy SaaS model:

Collecting Data

Inputting Data

Preparing Data

Extracting Insights from Data

Sharing Recommendations

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