Whether it’s helping a client choose the next wave of retail bank locations in Toronto, build wireless towers in Russia, or reorganize sales force territories in the United States, Meridian answers the age-old question of “where.”

Today there is more spatially indexed data available than ever before. That data, combined with the right tools and approach, can help organizations create new efficiencies in their core operations, find ways to better target their customers, build leaner operations, and make smarter strategic decisions.

In the transportation and logistics sector, for example, combining BCG’s geoanalytics and cost modeling solutions can result in algorithms to identify which delivery depots to target for more efficient household coverage. In marketing and sales, geoanalytics data can help businesses compare current territory coverage with workloads, uncovering imbalances and gaps that, if remedied, would vastly improve sales.

Meridian analyzes distance, proximity, and other geographic data relationships. With built-in apps and advanced analytical capabilities, consultants can combine client and public data to create dynamic visualizations. The result is a graphic map that can unlock new insights and spark fresh discussion.