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Dueling with Lions: Finding Success in Africa

In the high-stakes battle for market share in a growing African economy, local companies leverage strong advantages—but opportunities flourish for multinational corporations (MNCs) as well.

The most exciting aspect of the global marketplace is the vast array of opportunity it brings. The current business climate in Africa is a great example. Although the country continues to face multiple challenges—including a decline in oil prices, infectious disease, and high-profile attacks by militant groups—.

A primary contributor to this economic growth is increased political stability, with a majority of African countries now holding democratic elections. Africa also has a sizable portion of its population at working age, and these young adults are more educated than ever before. Thus, Africa’s economic climate is ripe for companies looking to invest and expand their reach. Yet companies need to remember that while long-term prospects are promising, short-term uncertainties in the African economy have appeared and cannot be overruled.

The Challenging Lions

Described as African Lions, , and in some cases, succeeding against them.

When looking at the success of African Lions, four factors are at play:





The Strength to Compete

It is important for MNCs doing business within Africa to understand the strengths of African Lions. And while it might be challenging to fully utilize the same business strategies of African Lions themselves, there are indeed strengths that MNCs have over the local businesses there. These strengths are referred to as the four Ps:





The increasing strength of the African economy makes the climate ripe for businesses to succeed, whether locally owned or MNCs looking for a new place to expand. The key to success for MNCs making overseas investments in Africa is to learn the successful techniques of African Lions, and emulate them as much as possible. African Lions can also benefit from this new competition, learning how to offer a more predictable experience to both customers and supply chain partners alike, as well as better understanding the importance of improving operational processes and ways to approach issues of management succession. Most importantly, MNCs need to be prepared to compete by leveraging their own particular strengths when doing business in Africa.

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