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Innovation in 2016

Leading companies are increasingly pursuing innovation strategies that complement internal development with external sourcing. Overcoming the not-invented-here mindset can strengthen a company’s advantage and accelerate time to market.

The Rising Need for Innovation Speed

Markets are changing faster than ever, and global innovators are vying for competitive advantage by accelerating their processes—and their adoption of new technologies.

Strong Innovators Are Lean Innovators

Lean innovation is on the rise. Strong innovators are two to three times more likely to adhere to lean principles than their weaker counterparts.

Ideas That Inspire Action

To stay ahead of the curve, leaders need new insights and fresh perspectives—the more surprising and unexpected, the better.

Incubators, Accelerators, Venturing, and More

There’s more to innovation than internal R&D and traditional M&A. Incubators, accelerators, corporate venturing, and strategic partnerships can kick-start innovation—and growth—at your company.

Innovation & Product Development