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Emerging Multinationals Go Global

Many companies from emerging markets are fast-growing and fast-globalizing. These global challengers that are going overseas aspire to be global leaders in their industries. But first, they need to pass through the “Death Valley.”

Global challengers are full-fledged competitors making game-changing moves. They’re winning with a broad range of strategies and capabilities, and they’re growing more quickly than comparable companies.

But this doesn’t mean these and other emerging-market-based businesses aren’t experiencing growing pains. They have plenty of hard work to do as home markets become increasingly challenging and multinationals improve their performance in emerging markets.

Emerging-market-based companies want to challenge established forces in the global marketplace. They face three key obstacles:

  • Brand-Building. Few emerging-market consumer brands are well known outside their home country. Companies need to work hard to improve consumer engagement.
  • Enhancing Customization to Local Markets. The optimal level of localization for each business function needs to be tailored to the company’s specific strengths and weaknesses.
  • Organization Evolution. It can be tough to balance local and global responsibilities. Vital areas for improvement include diversifying the talent pool, building a scalable structure, and establishing agile decision-making processes.

Addressing these concerns can go a long way toward building a successful global presence.

Resources for Going Global from an Emerging-Market Base

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