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A Move Toward Transparency

This global consumer goods manufacturer had launched a performance improvement program, but there was no buy-in on the shop floor. Key performance indicators were not standardized, creating a lack of transparency across the company’s network. With BCG, the company conceptualized and piloted a new client learning and enablement program across its factories. Increased transparency and focused measures soon revealed significant improvement potential.

The project focused on a three-phase, bottom-up approach:

  1. Training blue-collar workers on why measurement is important
  2. Working with line managers to challenge existing standards, set new standards, and understand the tradeoff for each decision
  3. Equipping plant management with a toolkit for fact-based decision making on topics such as capital expenditures

Clear explanations were offered at every step for why rote processes needed to change. Customized, hands-on simulations were developed and used for training to further illustrate the positive impact of recommended actions.

Today, line workers not only understand why they must measure, but they also actively ask for standards. The performance team has grown by 400% as company-wide rollout continues. In addition, performance rooms are being set up in all factories to help embed measurement in the company’s culture.

One worker commented after training, “On my way home, I thought about how my daily actions impact the entire team.”

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