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Activate the Sales Force for Future Growth

When sales forecasts begin to look disappointing, many companies rely on common sales methods for short-term profits. By looking at things in a new way, you can deliver more significant, sustainable results.

Companies can generate a substantial revenue boost by focusing on getting more from the sales organization. This process, called sales activation, focuses on rapid execution of a handful of high-impact initiatives for a quick turnaround in performance.

  1. Target promising customers. Which customers are defecting or underbuying? Which customer leads have been neglected? Existing sales data can reveal a range of opportunities to activate dormant customers.
  2. Develop focused offerings. Fulfill the unmet needs of three to five target segments by reconfiguring existing, off-the-shelf product and service offerings. This may require making adjustments to pricing, service, delivery channels, sales approaches, or contact frequency.
  3. Rigorously execute. Quickly prototype and track initiatives to see what works, then roll out more broadly. Start with just a few pilots; it’s better to have fewer cycles of testing, learning, and improving, and to give each cycle the attention it requires.
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