Build Best-in-Class Insights Capabilities

The true impact of a best-in-class insights function is invaluable. Getting there is tough.

Companies must build and strengthen their core consumer insight capabilities—a process that often involves the overhaul of talent, structure, and budgets. Doing so in-house—and integrating insights into business decision making—affects near-term decisions, as well as the ability to make accurate predictions. Companies become adept at anticipating and leapfrogging competitors on all fronts.

Five Key Challenges to Achieving a World-Class Consumer Insights Function

  1. There is often not enough of a “learning loop,” in which each study builds upon an existing foundation in order to define high-impact consumer insights.
  2. Management tends to disregard research findings when these findings contradict instincts.
  3. Research findings are too often presented as a synthesis of data—without recommendations or qualifications of the likely business impact.
  4. Consumer insight and market research personnel are not involved enough in the day-to-day line business.
  5. There is often not enough business leader involvement in consumer insight design and objective setting.

From Cost Center to Source of Competitive Advantage

Although executives at many companies believe strongly in the importance of consumer insights, they still rely on many traditional market research strategies. They need to move away from thinking of the consumer insight function as an order-taking group and start to see its true potential: a great source of competitive advantage.

The Center for Customer Insight partners with companies to expand their existing capabilities, make use of their internal expertise, and leverage their category knowledge. It helps companies make a step change in their insights functions—one that can transform them into world-class strategic insight organizations.

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