Decoding Digital Consumers

The digital realm is pervasive—and always in a state of transformation. But many companies continue to struggle to get the basics right, and there are still too few digital success stories considering the opportunities out there

To capitalize on the potential of the digital landscape as it shifts and grows, it is essential to understand the accompanying changes in consumer behavior. This means knowing where and how to interact with consumers, both online and off.

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Common Misconceptions About Indian Internet Use

When companies make assumptions about how consumers engage with the digital world, they often design ineffective marketing strategies and incomplete go-to-market models. Here are some of the most common myths about digital engagement in India today.

Myth: Most Internet users are city dwellers, affluent, and range in age from 18 to 25 years.


34% of Internet users are from small urban towns, and 25% live in rural areas. 57% are older than 25 years, and that group will comprise 70% of the urban Internet population by 2016.

Myth: Indians go online primarily seeking out discounts. Companies that offer deals will see an increase in online sales.


Discounts drive about 30% of online sales. The convenience of online shopping drives 37%, and the variety of products and services available online drives 29%.

Myth: Social media creates a positive buzz and drives traffic.


Search engines drive traffic more than 40% of the time. Social media leads to 25% of traffic.

Myth: The commercial impact of digital is exaggerated. E-commerce in India has limited reach.


Of urban Internet users, 40% engage in digital activity at some point during the purchasing process—and 13% of this group make actual purchases online.

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