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Supply Chain

The Supply Chain Difference in Chemicals

Leading chemical companies are generating substantial benefits—including increased growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction—from supply chain excellence and a strong customer orientation.

Inside Ops: Operating in the Era of 4.0

To meet the challenges associated with the latest wave of industrial change and grasp the pending opportunities, operations managers need to take a long-term perspective.

Service Operations

How Digital Can Turbocharge Shared Services

New technologies such as artificial intelligence and cognitive computing won’t be the death knell for SSOs, as some fear. Instead, they will bring an urgently needed upgrade.

Powering the Service Economy with RPA and AI

These two complementary technologies are the brawn and brains of performance. Companies can gain quick wins through RPA while strategically introducing AI for sustainable benefits.

Cost & Efficiency

The Most Innovative Companies 2016: Getting Past “Not Invented Here”

Leading companies are increasingly pursuing innovation strategies that complement internal development with external sourcing. Overcoming the not-invented-here mindset can strengthen a company’s advantage and accelerate time to market.

Lean & Manufacturing