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Preparing Organizations for Digital

To adapt to a digital world, companies must be agile, focused, and willing to experiment.

In today's business climate, digital organizations have a competitive advantage—both in people functions and structure. Employees in digital organizations are empowered to place the customer at the center of their work. Leaders provide context and purpose for their projects, and are willing to experiment (but must stay true to the DNA of their companies). Digital organizational structures are flat and iterative, and allow for rapid decision making.

Universal Levers in Digital Transformations

In digital transformations, some universally applicable organizational levers remain crucial for success:

  • Leadership and Talent. Creating a high performing digital organization requires leadership vision for how digital can transform an organization and a commitment to drive and sustain these changes. Also critical is that leaders at all levels have the functional, technical, and leadership capabilities to execute in a digital world.
  • Culture. Digital transformations must align the organization's culture to its new structures and ways of working.
  • Change Management. In a time of digital revolution, a comprehensive, systematic approach to change management is crucial.

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