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Making Agile Work

Too often, agile remains confined to software development.

The CEO Agenda

Humanizing Leadership Development

The way we develop leaders is ripe for disruption. It’s time for tailored, experience-based learning that’s available on demand.

Gender Diversity in the Workplace

Taking A Wild Ride Off A ‘Glass Cliff’

Many highly accomplished women find themselves accepting very high-risk (some would say sure-to-fail) challenges during their careers. It’s been described as a ride off a “glass cliff.” Women understand the risks, but they take them anyway and are often set up to fail. What can women do and how should leadership opportunities be evaluated to avoid the glass cliff phenomenon?

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Grant Freeland
Senior Partner & Managing Director

Dive Bars, Boomerangs, and the Competition for Talent

In the competition for talent nobody can be ignored, especially potential employees who would seem to have a natural affinity for the company and the job: alumni and workforce returnees. Companies that step up their efforts in these areas should realize almost immediate benefits.

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Want to Get Promoted When You’re a Millennial and Your Boss Is Not? Here’s How

It’s good that millennials know what they want. They should ask for it. But while they’re asking they also need to be prepared to talk about the value they’ve brought to the company. They need to answer the question: What have you done for me lately?

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Oh No, Not Another Reorganization! Do We Really Need One?

Corporate reorganization efforts fail more often than not because they violate some of the cardinal rules of business and management: first, that structure needs to follow strategy, not the other way around, and second, that communication and “buy in” are necessary for success.

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From Red To The Nerd: Learning About Competitive Advantage From The NBA

Analytics can be a helpful tool in the business of sports and in most other businesses, but it's not a talisman. There’s no magic involved. If it can help you improve by a small amount, that may be all that’s needed to tip the scale in your favor, giving you an advantage over your competitors.

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Why I’d Invest In Women-Owned Businesses

Most venture capitalists and angel investors are interested in just one thing: getting into a potential blockbuster business early, on the cheap, and making a killing. Convince them that “that business” is yours and the gender investment gap will disappear.

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Best CEOs End Their Tenure with a Smile, Not With the Blues

Successful CEOs manage to ring all the bells during their tenure: improving their company’s competitive position, delivering strong and sustained total shareholder returns, and leaving their successors with a thriving business with no hidden time bombs when they pass the baton.

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Smart Simplicity

When innovation is lagging and productivity is low, the culprit could be complexity. The solution is to simplify, smartly.

Organizing for Excellence

Organizing for a Digital Future

Organizing for a Digital Future

Digital does not change the principles of organizational design and governance. But because the capabilities and cadence of digital and traditional ways of working can be so different, leaders must approach digital thoughtfully.

Workforce Trends

Eight Futures of Work

By 2030, the nature and quality of work will be irrevocably altered. How? That depends on the rate of technological change, the evolution of learning, and the mobility of talent.

Towards a Reskilling Revolution

The labor market is changing, and to remain both employable and professionally fulfilled, workers must change with it. Companies, policymakers, and individuals all have a role to play.

Powering the Service Economy with RPA and AI

These two complementary technologies are the brawn and brains of performance. Companies can gain quick wins through RPA while strategically introducing AI for sustainable benefits.

Digital Organizations

The New New Way of Working

A wave of change is coming that will soon make the way we work almost unrecognizable to today’s business leaders.

The Leadership Series

BD’s Vincent Forlenza on Transforming in a Rapidly Changing Industry

BD’s Vincent Forlenza on Transforming in a Rapidly Changing Industry

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Leading the Insurance Market to a Digital Future

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Jim Whitehurst on the Open Organization: A Conversation with the CEO of Red Hat

Gavin Patterson - The Power of Convergence

The Solvay Journey: Asking More from Transformation

The Importance of Timing

The Journey Toward a Sustainable World

Harnessing the Power of Scale

Doug Ingram on a Transformation That Generated $20 Billion in Value

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