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BCG’s Upskilling Bootcamp

BCG’s Upskilling Bootcamp Will Accelerate Your Digital Future

In just four weeks, BCG’s customized Upskilling Bootcamp develops the skills your people need to ensure that your organization emerges from the crisis stronger than ever.

Now is the time for targeted virtual learning. BCG’s Upskilling Bootcamp offers fully customized upskilling and training that help companies build a stronger workforce now—and accelerate a digital transformation in the months and years ahead.

While Social Distancing Is in Place

Focus on upskilling the workforce to deliver more value while people are working remotely.


As the New Reality Takes Shape

Deliver a digitally ready workforce.


As Restrictions Lift and the Economy Recovers

Hone the skills needed to fuel the rebound.


How Does BCG’s Upskilling Bootcamp Enable Your Teams?

BCG offers live, virtual master classes and expert coaching for individuals, teams, and entire organizations. Our experts engage with your teams in a highly interactive way, building the digital and people skills your organization needs to rebound during the recovery—and accelerate growth in a post-pandemic world.


To launch your Upskilling Bootcamp, we will collaborate with your company’s leaders to discuss specific learning needs, establish an upskilling plan, and rapidly create a fully customized learning journey ready to go live within a week. While we are tailoring the program to your needs, we provide warm-up materials so employees are fully prepared for the upskilling and training to come.

Four-Week Upskilling Bootcamp

BCG’s proven methodology blends:

  • Live remote sessions with global experts
  • Frequent one-on-one coaching
  • On-the-job practice and guidance while working remotely
  • Digital learning nudges
  • New routines to establish new behaviors

Every training is personalized, relevant, and social. Our longstanding relationships with world-class educational institutions give clients access to a comprehensive library of curated content for additional upskilling and development opportunities.

Each journey is customized to the needs of a specific learner and includes self-exploration, on-the-job practice, real-time progress tracking, and feedback.

Our Master Classes


Through these capability-building master classes, BCG’s upskilling consultants equip leaders with the skills needed to manage teams remotely, rapidly upskill teams to boost performance, and foster a sense of community.

Deliver value while working remotely


We help organizations improve near-term business outcomes by optimizing data and analytics, managing the transition to digital channels, and addressing unique business challenges. These master classes focus on:

  • Innovation in uncertain times
  • Digital strategy boost
  • Growing sustainably
  • Change management acceleration

Prepare to rebound


BCG enables leaders to build a strong digital foundation to navigate the challenges ahead and adapt ways of working that ensure a strong rebound after the crisis subsides. These digital upskilling master classes cover:

  • Strengthening your data strategy with AI and analytics
  • Delivering a digital marketing push
  • Understanding architecture and infrastructure
  • Embracing software engineering and cybersecurity
  • Leveraging emerging technologies
  • Mastering human-centered design
  • Implementing agile at scale and high-performance teams

Accelerate Data and Digital Transformation

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