Overdelivering on Synergies

Avery Dennison’s acquisition of Paxar brought together more than 20,000 employees and nearly 60 global locations. In this video, CEO Dean Scarborough explains how BCG helped his company quickly form 18 post-merger teams and achieve all strategic objectives. With BCG’s support, Avery Dennison integrated quickly and overdelivered on synergies by 25%.

At the end of the first meeting between BCG and the management teams of Avery Dennison and Paxar, “…we had probably 17 to 20 different subteams, and the teams came back energized. They came back with a passion for getting things done. They came back with actually a higher total set of objectives than we had laid out. So I thought that was a real positive, and that momentum really continued throughout the whole process.”

Dean Scarborough
CEO of Avery Dennison
Post-Merger Integration