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Industry Focus

Postmerger Integration in Retail

How to boost the odds that your M&A deal delivers the value you’re counting on? Start planning early for success—using a proven five-step process.

Trends in PMI

Thinking Laterally in PMI

Instead of treating the integration of business functions as a narrow exercise in cost reduction, companies should use PMI to rethink how a particular function can enhance value.

Powering Up for PMI

The success of a postmerger integration effort is largely determined by the strategic and tactical choices that leaders make before the PMI is executed.

Creating Value

How Value Patterns Shape Priorities for Value Creation

The stories of three companies explore the wide range of contexts in which leaders must find strategies for value—and how they can use the value patterns concept to unlock new sources of value.

Do You Know Your Value Pattern?

We've identified ten different value patterns—distinctive company starting positions that cut across industry boundaries and shape the range and types of strategic moves most likely to create value.

M&A Lessons

The Real Deal on M&A, Synergies, and Value

When it comes to synergies, value-creating acquirers do three specific things differently. We set straight the role of synergies in M&A value creation.

Why Deals Fail

Companies making multiple acquisitions are far more successful than “one-timers,” which lack experience and have exaggerated expectations and poor processes.

Post-Merger Integration