Smart Simplicity Academy

BCG can enable your organization to understand, apply, and sustain the Smart Simplicity approach.

New external complexities will continue to challenge organizations. As such, no one can expect to simplify once and move on. Identifying and resolving creeping complicatedness is an ongoing task. 

That’s why BCG created the Smart Simplicity Academy. We enable our clients to continue to keep their organizations running optimally using Smart Simplicity capabilities even as the business expands, evolves, and reacts to external changes and challenges.

Through the Smart Simplicity Academy, we work with our clients to offer a curriculum and workshops that are tailored to their specific needs. Our training can be customized in its depth of content, length of training, number of participants, and preferred learning style. We can provide one-on-one education, Train the Trainer tutorials, or extensive several-week-long workshops. And we can provide the training while implementing Smart Simplicity across the organization or while addressing a smaller, specific departmental challenge. 

The Smart Simplicity Academy has three workshop concepts that we recommend to businesses seeking to provide their employees with a solid base and coherent learning experience about our approach:

  • Smart Simplicity Foundation. This provides an overall understanding of our four-step framework and includes such courses as “Introduction to Smart Simplicity,” “Smart Simplicity Problem-Solving,” and “Identifying Complicatedness.” 
  • Business Problem-Solving. This workshop delves more deeply into the application of Smart Simplicity through such workshops as “Your Business Problem” and “Six Simple Rules for Solution Design.” 
  • Smart Simplicity Take-Off. This workshop is designed to help organizations sustain change and expand understanding throughout the organization. Popular modules within this curriculum include “Smart Simplicity Refresher,” “Multiplying the Concept,” and “Be a Smart Leader.”
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