Immersion Program

Each year, a small group of high-performing employees spend 9 to 12 months focused on project work with our social impact clients, developing expertise in problem solving and strategic thinking. 

Get acquainted with a few BCGers who have participated in the program and learn about their experiences.

With BCG's Social Impact Immersion program, you have access to the firm's resources and top talent to create major impact globally. For me, it meant being able to work on challenging problems, from designing a large-scale nutritional program in Mozambique to dealing with high-level stakeholders in Rome helping the World Food Programme develop its strategy.

Matias Pollmann Gomez

Flying in a UN plane to a refugee camp at the border of Darfur, attending a cyclone early warning training (held in the local dialect) on the coast of Madagascar…these are the types of great experiences I would never have had without participating in the Social Impact Immersion Program. The program allowed me to get insight into different international NGOs and UN agencies, and it made me realize both how narrow and how broad the difference is between this world and the corporate one.

Quentin Renson
Project Leader