BCG’s Partnership with Teach For All

Founded in 2007, Teach For All is a global network of 46 independent organizations, including the cofounding organizations Teach For America and the UK’s Teach First. The organization focuses on expanding educational opportunity. Its network partners recruit and develop promising future leaders who commit to teaching for two years in high-need classrooms and work throughout their lives to expand educational opportunity for children. Teach For All supports the impact of its national organizations in countries all around the world.

BCG has partnered with Teach For All since 2012, supporting global as well as national projects. We have collaborated with the organization's senior leaders as they think through their priorities in expanding Teach For All's global footprint and broadening the network, adding more member organizations, and other critical topics for the young organization. 

On a local level, BCG has worked with many Teach For All country organizations, including those in Australia, Austria, Chile, China, Malaysia, Mexico, and Japan. For example, we collaborated with Enseña Chile (Teach For Chile), developing fund-raising strategies and an operational efficiency dashboard and assessing the selection process used to find the best teachers for the program.

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