BCG’s Social Impact Work in Asia-Pacific

This sampling of BCG’s work with nonprofits and NGOs in Asia-Pacific highlights some of BCG’s social impact efforts in the region.


TRAFFIC is a network founded by WWF that works globally to ensure wildlife trade is not a threat to conservation, including trade in elephants, tigers, and rhinos. BCG worked with TRAFFIC in China to target consumers of these products, creating educational campaigns to reduce demand in the legal and illegal markets. BCG also delivered recommendations to improve the organization’s capabilities and efficiency. 

Food for Change

Food for Change is an initiative combating the underemployment of Saudis in the food industry in Saudi Arabia, as they only hold 15% of restaurant positions in the country. BCG has worked with Food for Change to establish the first culinary institute in the country focused on youth and underprivileged populations. BCG developed a structure for this establishment, which will train and prepare its students for food industry jobs.  


Jawun is a partnership of more than 20 major corporates, four governments, many philanthropic trusts, and 50 Indigenous organizations to increase the capacity of Indigenous leaders, organizations, and communities to achieve their own development goals across Australia. In turn, this leads to lasting, material, and measurable improvements in the lives of Indigenous people in communities. BCG helped found Jawun more than 15 years ago and has supported the partnership and Indigenous leaders continually since then through many projects and secondments. Projects have included improving Indigenous tourism, housing, health, and economic development strategy; reforming Australia’s social support system for Indigenous Australians; and creating a new framework to allow government to empower local communities to drive their own reform. As part of our continued partnership, we also place BCG secondees within Indigenous organizations every year (more than 100 to date), where they use their skills and expertise to support Jawun in achieving its goals.

Government of Rajasthan

Approximately 60,000 Anganwadi centers in the Indian state of Rajasthan provide integrated child development services (ICDS) such as supplementary nutrition, early childhood education (ECE), growth monitoring, and counselling. However, multiple gaps exist in service delivery including lack of accountability of frontline workers (FLWs) and their supervisors, limited focus on education, and nonexistent data validation systems. BCG provided support in ICDS transformation, where data and technology remained a common thread across initiatives to ensure scalability and sustainability at the ground level. Regularly visited centers saw an improvement in their performance by more than 50%. BCG also developed a mobile app—Sakhi—to enable and motivate frontline workers to become effective preschool teachers. Pilot results indicated a 15% to 20% increase in the number of FLWs spending more than 50% of time on ECE. And a growth-monitoring data validation tool developed by BCG led to a 70% increase in data accuracy during the pilot.

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