BCG’s Social Impact Work in Africa

This sampling of BCG’s work with nonprofits and NGOs in Africa highlights some of BCG’s social impact efforts in the region.

Saving Lives at Birth

Saving Lives at Birth identifies and scales transformative prevention and treatment approaches for pregnant women and newborns around the time of birth. Through USAID, a Saving Lives at Birth Partner, BCG supported a Saving Lives at Birth grantee in scaling a task-shifting anesthesia-training program in Kenya. The innovation was developed by a team from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) to increase access to emergency and essential maternal health surgeries in resource-constrained settings. Given the program's relatively early stage and lack of clear political will due to its task-shifting nature, BCG’s support focused on defining the business fundamentals and the value proposition for the program’s use in Kenya. BCG defined viable “use cases” for scaling and identified its likely product and target. In addition, the BCG team redefined the program's value proposition to help close the anesthesia gap and used modeling to quantify the cost-benefit potential. The analysis estimated the program's potential to save approximately 16,000 maternal and neonatal lives; avert approximately 314,000 morbidity-generating cases in target high-need counties by 2030; and generate enough scale to only cost the government between $0.60 to $15 per procedure.

SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children’s Villages is an international NGO striving to protect the interests and rights of children around the world. BCG and SOS Children’s Villages have a multiyear partnership in multiple countries; in Togo, we have specifically focused on supporting its Mother and Children’s Hospital. The BCG team worked both in the office and field to redesign the hospital’s supply chain for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, optimize its organizational structure, and update its strategic plans. From this work, the hospital was able to make practical adjustments in their supply chain to increase the availability of medicines by 10%. In turn, this positively impacted both patients’ and the hospital’s financial health; expanded their building footprint to make space for educational activities and increased warehouse capacity; reduced their budget deficit; increased their self-funding capacity to 65%; and implemented new initiatives to increase its patient load by over 20%, improving the efficiency and quality of health care for local mothers and their children.

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

Higher education faces many challenges in South Africa. Currently, approximately one-third of university students never finish their degrees, and another one-third fail to finish within four years. The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF) was established in 1999 to accelerate opportunities for children living in poverty, working primarily in the US, India, and South Africa. MSDF and BCG collaborated to support an educational-testing agency by identifying the predictive value of their assessments and crystallizing its value-add to improve completion rates of degrees and increase access to higher education. The team identified the many ways the agency’s assessment capabilities were and could be delivering value and defined the best uses of these capabilities going forward. The assessment helped tailor the support offered to higher education students, improving their chances of success and reducing overall dropout rates. The team also identified three prioritized growth opportunities aligned with the entity's mission and helped key stakeholders more effectively pursue those opportunities. Finally, the team identified more than 30 initiatives to enhance the entity's sustainability including several cost-improvement opportunities and increasing the overall effectiveness of the agency’s operations.

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