BCG’s Social Impact Work in North America

This sampling of BCG’s work with nonprofits and NGOs in North America highlights some of BCG’s social impact efforts in the region.

Houston Food Bank

The Houston Food Bank (HFB), the largest food bank in America, experienced an increase in both demand and food donations after Hurricane Harvey in August 2017. To process the increased supply of food coming into the warehouse and make food available as quickly as possible, BCG rapidly enhanced an in-progress effort to improve the organization’s distribution efficiency and reduce bottlenecks in the operating model. As a result of the recommendations, HFB launched a sixth-month pilot and is looking to implement the system to increase efficiency and widen its reach to those in need.

United Way of Metro Chicago

The United Way of Metro Chicago (UWMC) fights for the health, education, financial stability, and safety of every person in every neighborhood across the region. In 2013, UWMC launched its Neighborhood Networks Initiative—with community-led organizations collaborating around a common agenda to make whole neighborhoods thrive in Chicago’s most challenged areas. This year, BCG worked with UWMC to assess and track the program’s success. The results were clear: UWMC’s interventions were effective, but so far their scale had been small. BCG then collaborated with UWMC to develop a strategy to most effectively expand their reach, as the integrators of tight-knit networks of community-led agencies who drive neighborhood-level impact and unleash Chicago’s potential.

City Harvest

More than 40% of the food produced in the US each year is wasted, yet 1 in 5 children in New York faces hunger each year. In fact, there are more food insecure individuals in New York than the entire population of Dallas, Texas. City Harvest, a New York City-based nonprofit, tackles this issue by redistributing excess food from restaurants, grocery stores, and farms, and by providing educational opportunities around food insecurity across the city. A multiyear project with BCG has allowed the organization to undergo deep analysis and open dialogue around their structural model through staff surveys and board interviews. As part of our partnership, BCG has helped build City Harvest’s five-year strategy to meet the needs of hungry New Yorkers and increase food security in the city, resulting in continued double-digit growth. In real terms, this has meant increasing from 55 million to 80 million pounds of food donations annually. BCG has also helped the organization develop their fundraising strategy and secure new monetary and nonmonetary resources that can enable its further growth.

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