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Sustainable Development

The Private-Sector Opportunity to Improve Well-Being

By developing innovative business models, companies can increase people’s access to financial services. Doing that will also increase their well-being, according to BCG’s Sustainable Economic Development Assessment.

Why Well-Being Should Drive Growth Strategies

BCG’s Sustainable Economic Development Assessment evaluates how effectively countries convert wealth into well-being relative to other countries—and raises important questions in the field of development.

Views on Sustainability

An Alternative to GDP That Encompasses Our Well-Being

Most economists agree that GDP is a poor indicator of the overall well-being of a nation. Douglas Beal created an alternative index that measures well-being in addition to wealth. It takes into account such factors as income equality, sustainability, and education.

How to Grow a Forest in Your Backyard

Forests don’t have to be isolated nature reserves. We can grow them right where we are, even in cities. Eco-entrepreneur Shubhendu Sharma describes how to grow an ultradense, biodiverse miniforest for less than the price of an iPhone.

Profit’s Not Always the Point

You might not expect the chief operating officer of a major global corporation to look too far beyond the balance sheet or the bottom line. But Harish Manwani, the COO of Unilever, argues that including value, purpose, and sustainability in top-level decision making isn’t just savvy—it’s the only responsible way to run a 21st-century business.

A Forgotten Space Age Technology Could Change How We Grow Food

We’re heading for a world population of 10 billion people—but what will we all eat? Lisa Dyson, the CEO of the tech company Kiverdi, rediscovered an idea developed by NASA in the 1960s for deep-space travel. It could be the key to reinventing how we grow food.

Ideas That Inspire Action

To stay ahead of the curve, leaders need new insights and fresh perspectives—the more surprising and unexpected, the better.

Responsible Consumption

When Social Responsibility Leads to Growth: The European Grocery Market

So-called A brands are losing out as highly profitable responsible-consumption products upset established market shares in the grocery industry.

The Future of Energy