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Digital Support Functions

The combination of digitization and new ways of working is allowing companies to take the leap from purely transactional service factories to digital service solution providers.

Artificial intelligence and robotic process automation are changing the concept of shared services and support functions. By digitizing internal processes and core functions, companies can achieve greater productivity, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and top-line growth.

With more than 25 million people working in support functions in the US and EU alone, the opportunity presented by digitization and improved productivity in these fields exceeds $1 trillion. This enormous opportunity is being driven by three levers:

  1. Business-wide digitization through the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence
  2. A strong focus on business value
  3. A redefined end-to-end process and target operating model

By activating these three levers, companies can:

  • Reduce their costs significantly.
  • Create faster innovation cycles.
  • Utilize agile ways of working.
  • Build a more adaptable and scalable support function.
  • Support growth and transformation.
  • Create significant user-centric business value.
  • Retain talent.

To get ready for the next-generation of digital support functions and shared services, companies need to start now, with a comprehensive digital strategy to unlock the full potential. 

Meet Our Experts in Digital Support Functions

Sukand Ramachandran

Partner & Managing Director


  • Leads BCG’s corporate banking segment
  • Leads BCG's global work in technology and operations in capital markets Member of BCG's Lean Advantage expert network
  • Business strategy
  • Organization
  • Lean advantage
  • Enablement and lean academy building
  • Lean and productivity in telecommunications
  • Lean and productivity in administration
  • Organization design
  • Digital shared services
  • Digital organization set up
  • Agile transformation
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