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Agile Ways of Working

Organizing for a Digital Future

Digital does not change the principles of organizational design and governance. But because the capabilities and cadence of digital and traditional ways of working can be so different, leaders must approach digital thoughtfully.

Taking Agile Way Beyond Software

Too often, agile remains confined to software development. But companies that successfully implement the approach across the enterprise can create an exceptional customer experience and gain a competitive edge.


More on Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity and business strategy should be linked at every level, from the board and C-suite to individual people, processes, and systems.

The Tech Function of the Future

BCG Technology Advantage, October 2017

Odds are, your organization is feeling the impact of digital transformation and rethinking roles, responsibilities, and structures. These insights will help you navigate that process.

The AI Advantage

Putting Artificial Intelligence to Work

We are in the Cambrian era in the development of artificial intelligence. Here’s a practical guide for introducing and spreading AI within large organizations.

More on Artificial Intelligence

AI has entered the business world. What happens next?

Digital in Industries

Time to Double Down on AI and Robotics

According to BCG’s latest telco IT benchmarking study, artificial intelligence and robotics could change the game for telecom companies—with some caveats.


The Successful Transformation of Pfizer’s IT Organization

Jeff Keisling on the Successful Transformation of Pfizer’s IT Organization: Interview with Jeff Keisling from Pfizer

The Successful Transformation of Pfizer’s IT Organization

The Race for Real Cybersecurity: An Interview with Theresa Payton

An Interview with Theresa Payton, Former White House Chief Information Officer

An Interview with IDSIA’s Jürgen Schmidhuber

Digital Innovation and Disruption

An Interview with Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa

Jim Whitehurst on the Open Organization: A Conversation with the CEO of Red Hat

Jeff Keisling

The Successful Transformation of Pfizer’s IT Organization

Technology & Digital