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The Tech Function of the Future

Digitally Driven Gender Diversity

Robo-interviews, home video-conferencing systems, and app-enabled concierge services are among the technologies companies are using to increase the number of women in the workforce.

BCG Technology Advantage, October 2017

Odds are, your organization is feeling the impact of digital transformation and rethinking roles, responsibilities, and structures. These insights will help you navigate that process.

Accelerating Digital Transformation

What Digital Champions Do Differently

Digital champions outperform laggards by boosting performance in three key ways: they invest, assign more people to digital roles, and embed digital capabilities in the business.

Acting on the Digital Imperative

To launch a true digital transformation and secure competitive advantage, companies need to execute along three dimensions: speed, scale, and value.

Beyond the Hype

Digitization is creating a divide in the corporate landscape worldwide. Digital laggards face a profound threat unless they close the gap with digital champions.

Designing Digital Organizations

Successful digital companies make explicit design changes in five dimensions of their businesses: customer experience, product and service offerings, ecosystems, control and alignment mechanisms, and ways of working.

Artificial Intelligence

Time to Double Down on AI and Robotics

According to BCG’s latest telco IT benchmarking study, artificial intelligence and robotics could change the game for telecom companies—with some caveats.

More on Artificial Intelligence

AI has entered the business world. What happens next?


More on Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity and business strategy should be linked at every level, from the board and C-suite, to individual people, processes, and systems.

Digital in Industries


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