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BCG TURN Approach

The BCG TURN Approach

We focus on immediate results. We reshape behavior at all levels, leading to sustainable improvements. Our expert teams bring the real-world experience needed to generate results. We leave companies better equipped to face future challenges.

Immediate Impact on Performance

We deliver visible change at a rigorous pace. By focusing on fundamentally altering processes and behaviors from the ground up, the BCG TURN approach creates lasting change that strengthens your organization, empowering you to more effectively tackle future challenges.

Transformation, restructuring, and turnarounds are major efforts that often involve devising new ways of working at multiple levels. We focus on three areas:


A BCG TURN triage and assessment identifies ways to deliver cash to the bottom line quickly, freeing up capital to fund longer-term development efforts, and—often just as important—reigniting momentum and confidence throughout the organization in its ability to win.


This helps identify business model changes that can dramatically improve business performance.


We simplify the agenda and organization, and establish clear responsibilities for sustained execution of the new strategy.

Shoulder-to-Shoulder Collaboration

In a complex world, success depends on experts who have deep industry knowledge and functional experience—people with spot-on, proven skill in solving tough issues. BCG TURN teams have the rich background and specialized capabilities needed to succeed. Team members include BCG TURN experts and former CEOs, C-suite leaders, and other highly experienced turnaround pros who know how to deliver tangible results in the short term.

We typically provide dedicated senior leadership for the duration of the transformation, often including a cochief restructuring/turnaround officer. The structural arrangement includes a full-time, on-site presence within your organization working shoulder-to-shoulder with company leaders.

We build skills within the existing management team, and we can help you fill management positions, linking the turnaround and strategic agenda to a vast network that allows you to move forward fast.

Sustainable Change

It’s all too easy to treat a transformation as a separate, one-off, walled-off effort that rips out costs but doesn’t link directly to employees’ day-to-day behavior. That’s why so many transformations don’t deliver lasting change. (Up to 70% of transformations fail to hit their target, their timeline, or both.) Our proven approach flips the odds in favor of success because we focus on fundamentally altering processes and behaviors from the ground up:

  • Employees are fully engaged in the process, so they understand what they need to do differently—and why.
  • Managers are unambiguously accountable for results—with nowhere to hide—and empowered to deliver results.
  • Transparency goes straight to the top, with the C-suite and board fully aligned on the process and fully informed on progress.

Lasting Improvements Through New Capabilities

BCG TURN understands the importance of building capabilities—the “muscles” needed to execute a transformation and ensure sustainable results. A transformation that fails to address a company’s capabilities can achieve only short-term, superficial improvements, which tend to disappear when the company moves on to the next challenge.

Rather than merely giving you a set of steps to follow, we identify and build the critical capabilities you need for enduring success. This approach creates lasting change, so your organization becomes much stronger and better prepared to face subsequent challenges.