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Meet the BCGers

Get to know a few of our consultants, and what they think makes a BCGer, a BCGer

I think the most defining feature of any BCGer is intellectual curiosity. It is a person who is not happy with just accepting ‘the what’ of a given statement, but is driven by the desire to understand ‘the how’ and ‘the why’ behind it."

Amir Ganaba

Project Leader, Los Angeles

Amir earned a degree in Finance and Accounting from the USC Marshall School of Business. He joined BCG in 2013 as an Associate, and has been a part of the LA office ever since. Amir’s case work has spanned across many industries: public sector, energy, healthcare, and industrial goods. Prior to BCG, he was a pairs figure skater, competing internationally for the US team, and even doing some movie stunt work!

One thing I've noticed as a common theme among BCGers is an inherent tendency to ask questions that push the team in a positive way. Associates through Partners shape the thinking on a case by asking to clarify inputs used in a model, to explore the broader implications of granular findings, and to predict how clients might react in different scenarios -- just to name just a few examples. By not accepting anything as given, I think BCGers push themselves and each other to find deeper meaning in the work we do.”

Megan Lapp

Consultant, Boston

Megan graduated from Bates College with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Since joining BCG as an Associate in 2015, she’s worked in the tech, social impact, pharma, and financial services sectors.

BCGers are a diverse group but we all seem to share a few traits: we're intellectually curious about everything, we love the feeling of solving hard problems, and we like to have fun with our teams. And we're always thinking about the next step – whether in our lives, or on the case, BCGers seem to always be planning a few moves ahead.”

Trap Yates

Consultant, Toronto

Trap earned his degree in History at Princeton University, with a minor in Urban Studies. He interned during his junior year summer with BCG New York, and joined the New Jersey office as a full-time Associate in 2014. After being promoted to Consultant, Trap transferred to our Toronto office. In his time at BCG, he has worked mainly in our education and retail sectors.

BCGers have a passion for learning, growing, and making things better. They’re creative and not bound by what was best practice last year, and they have no ego about being right or wrong. Instead, they are open to an evolving landscape with many potentially good answers, and they’re confident they can find the best solution within it.”

Aviel Marrache

Principal, New Jersey

Aviel graduated with a BA in economics from Columbia University, then later earned his MBA at the Wharton School, where he was a Palmer Scholar. Since joining BCG in 2010 as a Consultant, he has focused on large scale transformation in several industries including Technology, Financial Institutions and Retail.

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