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Meet the BCGers

Get to know a few of our consultants and what they’ve discovered in their time at BCG

I was looking for many things when I joined BCG—international opportunities, great people to work with and learn from, as well as diverse, challenging, and impactful work. I have since experienced all of these and more. I’ve worked in the Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Moscow, Kiev, and New York offices, and made good friends in each. I’ve worked in multiple industries, too. Every time I thought I finally knew what I was doing the firm would give me a new challenge."

Lubasha Heredia

Principal, New York

Lubasha earned a BSc and MSc in business administration from ESADE, Spain, and CEMS master’s degree in international management from London School of Economics. She joined BCG as an Associate in 2006 and worked at BCG offices throughout Europe before heading off as a sponsored Associate to Harvard Business School. She returned to BCG New York in 2011 as a Consultant, and has been a proud New Yorker ever since.

During my senior year I was exploring mostly tech opportunities, but the more I learned about consulting and the cross-industry and cross-functional exposure it could give me, the more intrigued I became. I am really enjoying the variety of cases and teams, and am encouraged by growth and opportunities. Associates are expected to be as engaged and active as any other teammate."

Sam Cheng

Associate, San Francisco

Sam graduated from Harvard with a BA in Computer Science in 2017 and joined our BCG San Francisco office as an Associate later that summer. Since then, he’s worked on software development process transformation, strategy for an enterprise technology company, and transformation work for an internet music company.

I come from small companies, having founded, built and managed upstart brands in the food and beverage industries. BCG has showed me that large companies have the same problems as small ones, just on a different scale – and that experience in startups and small businesses is actually a great way to tap into unconventional insights for our clients here. The firm has been very inclusive of my unique background and I'm constantly getting chances to showcase that uniqueness in the work I create for my clients."

Victoria Gutierrez

Project Leader, Miami

Victoria holds a B.S. with Honors from Northwestern University in Dance and Philosophy. She earned an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, where she was a Dean's Fellowship recipient. Victoria first joined BCG as a Summer Consultant, then returned full-time to the Atlanta office after Sloan. Since joining, she has worked in consumer retail, consumer goods, and innovation and disruption. She also has a Level 2 Sommelier certification from the International Sommeliers Guild.

One of the things that drew me to BCG was the focus on impact. I remember perusing the list of BCG values and being fascinated by [the BCG value of] ‘expanding the art of the possible.’ My first case experience at BCG introduced me to the world of global public health, and I was instantly captivated by the passion that pervaded that mission-focused client. I never envisioned specializing in health care, but my work in the sector has continued with projects for hospitals, insurers, and biopharmaceutical firms. Now I can’t imagine anything else."

Nic Sukitsch

Principal, Washington

Nic earned an MBA from London Business School and holds a bachelor’s degree in international business from Georgetown University. He first joined BCG as a Summer Consultant in 2012, and returned full-time in July 2013. Since that time, he’s worked in several healthcare sectors including global health, biopharma, payers, and providers. He also has case experience in telecommunications and industrial goods. In 2015, Nic worked in Syndey, Australia through BCG’s Global Ambassador program, which enables consultants to work outside of their home countries to broaden their experience and perspective.

Though my education is in finance and economics, BCG allowed me to explore new and exciting areas, including digital health, nonprofit, and more. Each of these cases challenged me in different ways and helped me develop a holistic skill set. I originally joined BCG to be a part of a diverse, intellectually-driven community, but I've come to realize it's also a supportive environment that encourages me to take risks, try new things, and meet new people. I've met some of my best friends and greatest mentors here."

Shruti Shah

Consultant, New York

Shruti graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton and College of Arts & Sciences) with a BS and BA in economics. She first joined BCG as a Summer Associate in 2013 and returned as a full-time Associate in August 2014. She has worked on a range of cases, from transformation strategy, pricing for an investment bank, to digital innovation for a major biopharma client. Shruti also completed a Social Impact Fellows Program, which allows BCGers to spend up to 12 months focusing on BCG Social Impact project work, with the Center for Anti-Violence Education.

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