Business Units

Boston Consulting Group partners with our clients in solving the hardest problems challenging their businesses—and the world. At the core of our business and our organization is close collaboration—among our employees, our business units, and our clients.

BCG has more than 90 locations in 50 countries—with 21,000 employees, 900 partners, and nearing 22,000 alumni. As BCG grows, we expand our impact, deepen our expertise, broaden our reach, and intensify our impact. To better understand the evolving landscape of BCG and your career opportunities with us, explore the core of the firm—as well as our extended business units: BCG GAMMA, BCG Platinion, BCG Digital Ventures, and BCG Omnia.



We are a team of world-class data scientists and business consultants who specialize in the use of advanced analytics to get breakthrough business results.


BCG Omnia

We are a business unit dedicated to designing software and data solutions. We are technologists, product managers, business strategists, and more—all deeply aligned along a common goal: partnering to create solutions for our clients that extend BCG’s impact.


BCG Digital Ventures

We are a team of innovators, operators, entrepreneurs, and investors; we turn ideas into businesses and we invest in the outcomes with our clients.


BCG Platinion

Platinion brings the design, build, and implement capabilities our clients need to achieve digital excellence through new products and platforms, architecture, and enablement. Our diverse team - designers, product managers, architects, engineers, cyber specialists, and Agile coaches - deliver tangible results to accelerate clients’ most ambitious digital initiatives.



We are data-oriented advisors who combine industry benchmarking, real-time research, and thought leadership to provide actionable intelligence that enables the development, validation, and execution of better operational strategies. We empower organizations to grow, compete, and operate with increased effectiveness.



We are an international supply chain and procurement consultancy with specialized experts that help reduce costs, increase profits, and improve company performance with measurable data and analysis.