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BCG Product Business Unit

BCG Product Business Unit works with BCG’s practice areas—specific industries and capabilities—in order to transform the firm’s unique intellectual property into professional, scalable products to support our client service efforts. BCG Product Business Unit employs leading-edge technologies and specialized experts in product design and development, visualization, benchmarking, and custom analysis to provide world-class solutions.

What Does BCG Product Business Unit Do?

BCG Product Business Unit provides capabilities in three primary areas:

Product Management

We have the capabilities to advise and/or manage the product life cycle from ideation and development through operating model, roadmaps, and commercialization.

Data & Benchmarking Services

We provide end-to-end expert support to efficiently and professionally collect and analyze data, visualize results, and bring insights to our clients (including through the use of ONE Benchmark).

Tool Development

We provide the latest technical-development solutions to modernize BCG’s practice area products by leveraging a wide range of skills and technologies, including modern mobile apps, web-based tools, SQL, and Alteryx.

What BCG Product Business Unit Roles Are Available?

There are BCG Product Business Unit roles within the following specialties at BCG:

Business Units