We are looking for university students in their final year (i.e., final-year undergraduate, master's, or PhD) with the following qualities:

  • An affinity for technology and strategy (demonstrated either through your choice of degree or your extracurricular activities)
  • Outstanding academic performance, along with evidence of excellence in nonacademic and extracurricular activities
  • Quick powers of comprehension, a sharp analytical mind, curiosity, inventiveness, and an affinity for numbers as much as for people
  • Desire to not only understand a situation, but to change that situation for the better

Your application will be reviewed by our recruiting team in your country of study. Submit your application online through the participating countries' links below, and select the office located in your country of study (e.g., Munich for Germany) as the first option on the first page.

Please apply through one office only and note the respective application requirements and deadlines of our participating offices. Multiple applications will not be accepted.

General Information:

For general information please reach out to the event team via

Unlimited 2020