DigitalBCG Unlimited 2020

DigitalBCG Unlimited 2020

Shape the future with our Digital Virtual Workshop October 14 & 15


Join us for a virtual workshop and discover how the use of technology can create decisive competitive advantage for our clients.

With our DigitalBCG consultants, as well as top students from universities in Europe and the Middle East, you will get a taste of what day-to-day life looks like as a consultant.

Across the two evenings, the world’s leading strategy consultancy will share their journeys first-hand, as well as how they solve problems and learn new skills.

The DigitalBCG Unlimited 2020 Virtual Workshop will also allow you to receive expert advice & feedback on your problem-solving, team-working, and presentation skills.

We are seeking outstanding university students from all fields with an affinity for technology and strategy demonstrated through studies or extracurricular activities.

Take this opportunity to start shaping your future!


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Unlimited 2020