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The Case

"Industry 4.0" is the catchword for the production of tomorrow—major changes are imminent across industries. To address the continuously rising competitive and price pressures, production processes must be optimized and streamlined to generate key competitive advantages. The workshop will begin with a presentation and overview of a plant to provide the strategic and technical foundations. Building on that, you will then develop your own production strategy for an automotive client. With the right strategic course of action, you will monitor both efficiency and flexibility, and thereby fulfill the different customer needs while dealing with short-term fluctuations in sales.

Review the inner workings of a modern automotive plant. What current challenges are the body shop, paint shop, and assembly line confronted with? And how can Industry 4.0 be implemented operationally?

During the Traction Europe workshop, you will learn how a carmaker's production system can be transformed through an expanded product portfolio, use of new materials and technology, and efficient, flexible manufacturing. With your technical expertise, you will analyze the relevant factors and look at different production areas of the plant. Together with your peers and with guidance from our consultants, you will then develop the future production strategy for the client.

Traction Europe