It's the people that really make the difference at BCG. The people and the clients. Oh, and the projects too!"

A Personal Story

Before earning my MBA at London Business School, I spent several years as a lobbyist working with a wide range of companies. I definitely wasn't ready to narrow my focus to just one or two industries after I graduated.

Since joining BCG, I've worked in 6 different industries: Media, Health, Energy, Financial Services, Mining, Retail, Consumer Goods, with teams from across Europe. I have discovered that BCG is a place where I can build a career that's both entrepreneurial and fulfilling.

When sitting with any BCG team around the world, you can be certain that you'll be with smart people who are committed to making an impact with their clients and that—despite the diversity of the individuals—they do all share a common set of values.

But it goes beyond just calibre of the people. The clients we work with are second-to-none and the work we do with them is on deep strategic issues that have major impact.


Elliot received his MBA with distinction from the London Business School. He also holds a BA in literature from Clare College, Cambridge.

Before BCG, Elliot worked as a public affairs consultant in a Westminster lobbying firm, and he now serves as director of a London-based charity.