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Here are answers to the most common questions we receive, plus links to additional information you may find helpful on this site.

Do I need to have prior consulting experience to apply to BCG?

I’m interested in digital technologies, what are my options at BCG?

Do I need to specify my GMAT score when I apply?

I understand I can apply for up to three BCG offices at once. How does this process work?

Do I need to speak the local languages of the offices I am applying to?

I’m interested in lots of BCG offices. How do I narrow my choice to just three?

Are some BCG offices more popular than others?

Can I speak with a current BCGer before applying?

How do I apply?

Do I need to include my undergraduate transcripts or grades?

What happens if I am on International Exchange during your recruiting process?

How does the first-round interview process work?

Can I find out who my interviewers will be beforehand?

How can I best prepare myself for a BCG interview?

Do you ever use video conferencing for your interviews?

Will I receive feedback on my interviews?

If I am successful in getting through to decision-round interviews where will these take place?

If I am successful in getting through to decision round interviews can I speak to someone in the local office beforehand?

If I apply for a summer internship and am unsuccessful, can I apply again for a full-time position in the autumn?

If I am successful in getting a summer internship in a BCG office, can I then transfer to a different office if I get a full-time offer?

Does BCG provide assistance with securing local visas?

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