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Meet Us

Gökçe Yücealpan

Principal, INSEAD class of July 2009

Developing team members is as critical as delivering results. At BCG we grow with the apprenticeship model and consider it an investment into our future.

My career started in banking. I enjoyed its analytical dimension, but after six years I decided to get an MBA in order to pursue new options. What attracted me most about consulting was the opportunity to learn constantly and to work with very bright, diverse people. Many of my INSEAD MBA classmates were from BCG, and I truly liked working with them. This was crucial in my decision to join the firm.

At BCG I have found what I was looking for. BCG provides a lot of opportunities to learn and make an impact for the client, supporting you with a global network of individuals ready to help whenever necessary. I had projects in five industries across several functional areas. This exposure helped me discern, and later focus on, the areas I am passionate about. At BCG you always get the chance to shape your career with the aid of your career advisors, mentors, and leadership team.

As a Principal you need to manage all of a project’s stakeholders: client, partners, and the team. Each has priorities, and they need your attention simultaneously. It is essential to understand each party’s expectations from the start so that you can structure the solution to the problem accordingly. Developing the team members is as critical as delivering results, because at BCG we grow through the apprenticeship model and consider it an investment into our future.

Mallika Gadepalli

Regional HR Senior Manager, INSEAD class of July 2008

Working at BCG has been extremely rewarding and challenging, with constant personal and professional development. It has also been a platform for flexibility and experimentation along different passions and life stages.

At BCG I've had multiple careers, going from serving Fortune 500 clients in the C-suite with amazing BCG teams, to today serving my favourite "client", BCG itself, as the Asia Pacific Head of Human Resources. As a member of the AP Management Team, I have exposure to how we run the business operations of BCG itself, and the best of BCG leadership in AP and globally. I help to shape our people functions and operations across all dimensions – from recruiting to strategic placement. It is a critical role, given that our most tangible asset as a business is our people; their motivation and drive, their skill sets and expertise, and the culture they create and operate in are our true measure of ROI.

I started my career post-MBA as a Consultant in the Singapore office. As a PL, I saw a need for reshaping our training especially with the influx of lateral hires and diverse profiles. Having always been passionate about training, I asked for and took on the role of Southeast Asia People Development Manager for six months, overseeing our internal training and people-development practices. This role not only gave me a deep understanding of our rigorous people-development processes but also allowed me to reshape our training program into a BCG client-worthy deliverable. After having a child, I first took on the role of PTO facilitator to ease back into client service, and after a few projects, transitioned back into a people support role that I am truly passionate about, but which also allows the flexibility I desire at this stage of life.

The opportunities and flexible paths that BCG has allowed are unparalleled, helping to sustain my interest, motivation and performance but also offering new challenges at different life stages. I owe BCG a lot and stay committed to giving my best back to the company.

Raquel Seabra

INSEAD class of December 2009, BCG Alum since June 2015

Joining BCG over 10 years ago was definitely the best career decision I could have made: at BCG I found the most talented group of people I will for sure ever have the chance to work with; I had room to grow and chart my own path; I was challenged and encouraged to push my limits; I met great people and made friends for life; I cried, I smiled, I laughed and I was tremendously happy.

I feel I had the most amazing and complete of experiences: internship, full time, international assignments, associate abroad, social impact, MBA, B-School case study, training, project management, client service… but also marriage and kids. And then it comes a time in life when one needs to be bold and make tough but daring choices.

I have chosen to leave BCG and decided to join one of the largest Portuguese wine companies as Head of Corporate Strategic Planning and Controlling.

As I move on, I leave 1/3 of my life behind. BCG shaped the person I am today and made me grow in so many good ways. I will definitely miss BCG: next week, next month, next year, in the next 10 years… It brings me some comfort though, to know that every once in a while I will be on the client side and BCG will keep being part of my life.