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Here are answers to the most common questions we receive, plus links to additional information you may find helpful on this site.

Q: Do I need to have prior consulting experience to apply to BCG?

A: No. Although you are more likely to be familiar with case interviews if you have consulting experience, we welcome applicants from all intellectual disciplines, and from different industry backgrounds.

Q: Do I need to specify my GMAT score when I apply?

A: No. However, please note that some BCG offices will ask for your GMAT score breakdown in advance of the first interview, so if you are short-listed we may ask you to supply this information at a later date.

Q: I understand I can submit an application for up to three BCG offices at once. How does this process work?

A: BCG has over 80 offices worldwide, and most recruit regularly from top MBA programs. When you submit your application through our dedicated INSEAD online link, it is pooled directly to screening teams in the offices where you would like to work. These teams will then review your application and advise the central recruiting team whether to invite you to a first-round interview.

Q: Do I need to speak the local languages of the offices I am applying to?

A: In almost all circumstances, yes. Only on very rare occasions are BCGers able to work in a region where they do not speak the local language.

Q: I’m interested in many of BCG offices. How do I narrow down my choice to just three?

A: Please think very carefully about which office(s) you most want to work for and nominate them in order of preference from 1 to 3. You should have good reasons why a particular office appeals to you and have relevant work or life experience that will enable you to relate to the local culture and client base.

Q: Are some BCG offices more popular than others?

A: Some of our offices receive an extremely high level of applications; the London, Paris, New York, Southeast Asia, Middle East, & Australia offices are always popular locations. This does not mean you shouldn’t apply to them if they are your preferred offices.

Q: What happens if two offices are interested in my application?

A: You will interview on campus as usual, and we will try and ensure at least one of your interviewers is from one of your chosen offices. During the interview you will likely be asked to confirm your preference. After the interview, your results will be sent to both interested offices and local teams will decide whether they wish to progress you to the decision round. If both offices are still interested, you will progress with your top choice office.

Q: Can I visit an office before applying?

A: Please contact the office contact of your desired office. We encourage candidates to visit and get in touch with BCGers. Additionally you may reach out to the dedicated INSEAD recruiting team which will be on campus regularly throughout the year and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Q: Can I speak with a current BCGer before applying?

A: We actively encourage you to do this as much as possible, either by attending our recruiting events and speaking with INSEAD alumni within BCG, contacting our offices or by speaking with one of our ambassadors on campus (BCGers currently studying at INSEAD).

Q: What documents do I need to apply?

A: We keep the application process as simple as possible: apply centrally via our application link available on CareerGlobe or click the Apply tab, follow appropriate application link for your class, and attach a cover letter and CV.

Q: Do I need to include my undergraduate transcripts or grades?

A: Transcripts are not necessary although some offices will require your prior degree or GPA, so you may want to include this information on your CV.

Q: What happens if I am on the Wharton, Kellogg, or CEIBS Exchange during the recruiting process?

A: You should submit your application online on the Apply page as normal, following the appropriate application link for your class.

Q: How exactly does the first-round interview process work?

A: The first round usually consists of two face-to-face case interviews of 45 minutes each. The interviews run back to back and are almost always held at the INSEAD campus. We try and schedule everybody in one or two days and our consultants fly in from a number of different offices to help out.
You can expect each interview to open with a brief introductory chat and discussion of your CV. The case will then take from 20–25 minutes, and the meeting will conclude with an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.

Q: Can I find out who my interviewers will be beforehand?

A: Before your first-round interview we will provide you with short biographies of your interviewers. Arrive 15 minutes in advance of your scheduled start time so you may read through the biocards.

Q: How can I best prepare myself for a BCG interview?

A: We encourage you to visit the interview preparation section on and take advantage of any opportunity on campus to familiarize yourself with the case interview process—attend Consulting Club events, tackle and practice the cases in the ICC Handbook (proudly sponsored by BCG!), and speak to Career Services and classmates with a consulting background.

Q: Do you ever use video-conferencing for your interviews?

A: First-round interviews are usually face-to-face, but on some occasions when one of our global offices is unable to send an interviewer we will invite candidates to interview by video conference (VC) from the Fontainebleau or Singapore campus. Please note that a VC interview does not in any way put you at a disadvantage, and that we will always advise you in advance if your interview will take place in this format.

Q: Will I receive feedback on my interviews?

A: Yes. If you are successfully short-listed for a second round of interviews you will receive an email from the INSEAD team and you will be offered to receive feedback from one of your interviewers. You will be provided with their contact details in your decision email.
If you are not successful in the first round you will be sent an email with the contact details of one of your interviewers; it is then up to you to get in touch and ask for feedback. All our consultants are more than happy to provide feedback, and we strongly encourage you to take this opportunity.

Q: If I am successful in getting through to decision round interviews where will these take place?

A: Decision round interviews usually take place in the relevant local office (although occasionally they will be conducted via VC).

Q: If I am successful in getting through to decision round interviews, can I speak to someone in the local office beforehand?

A: You can ask to speak to someone in a local office at any point via your office contact.  In addition, all communication and logistical arrangements for final-round interviews are arranged by local offices, so you will be in direct touch with them by this point anyway.

Q: I am a member of the December class. If I applied for a summer internship and was unsuccessful, can I apply again in the fall?

A: Definitely. We strongly encourage you to do so, given that many people will be much better prepared for case interviews when they reapply for full-time, and will also have gained invaluable additional experience during their summer internships.

Q: Does BCG provide assistance with securing local visas?

A: To the very best of our ability, yes. However, please be aware that we are a global company and that there are some restrictions in specific countries which may make obtaining visas more difficult.