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Application Process

Based on our business needs, we are looking for applicants who can start between February and May 2020. If you have not already applied within the last 6 months, we encourage you to submit an application by our deadline, November 6th, 11:59 PM EST. If you miss the deadline, note that we accept and review applications year round. If selected to interview, you will interview in the BCG office closest to your campus. If you can’t start full-time until late 2020, or 2021+, please review our internship opportunities at the bottom of this page.

We encourage you to apply to any of the below BCG positions. BCG knows that advanced degree candidates bring a diverse set of skills to our firm. As a result, candidates may apply to both the generalist consulting and GAMMA roles, if their skills and interests favor both positions.

Consulting – Full-time

Generalist consultants work on varied projects across topics and industries analyzing problems, discovering insights, delivering recommendations, and making change happen for our clients. We hire all types of advanced degree backgrounds and concentrations (PhD, MD, JD, Post-doc).

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More about the generalist application

GAMMA Consulting – Full-time

Data scientists design and build powerful, analytics-based solutions in order to help our clients tackle their business problems. BCG GAMMA hires candidates with advanced degrees with excellent academic achievements in specific fields such as computer science, applied mathematics, statistics, machine learning, etc. BCG GAMMA also looks for relevant experience in data science, R, python and/or matlab, machine learning or deep learning.

Click here to apply to the GAMMA Data Scientist Consulting position

More about the GAMMA Consulting application

BCG GAMMA Engineer Roles

Analytics Software Engineers. BCG GAMMA’s analytics software engineers have expertise in developing and implementing large-scale software applications. They build production-level code and help clients and case teams implement scalable analytics solutions.

Machine Learning Engineers. Machine learning engineers have expertise in computer science, distributed programming, applied research, and mathematics. They develop, implement, and apply statistical machine-learning techniques, collaborating with data scientists and software engineers to develop research prototypes and deployable software systems.

Analytics Architects. Our analytics architects are experts in defining analytics data and cloud architecture components, with deep knowledge across a wide variety of database and cloud technologies. They provide clients and BCG case teams with expertise in enterprise IT, databases, and cloud technologies.

You will find positions for our engineering team (software engineers, machine learning engineers, and analytics architects) under “BCG GAMMA Current Openings.” Please scroll or search for the role you are interested in.

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More about the GAMMA Engineer application

Advanced Degree Internship Opportunities

I am a PhD or Postdoc

I am a JD

I am a MD

Northwestern University: PhD, MD, JD and Post Doctorates