Here are answers to the most common questions we receive, plus links to additional information you may find helpful on this site.

How do I apply?

Apply via the Application Process section, create your profile attaching your CV, Cover Letter, and GPA. Cover Letter it’s not mandatory, but we highly recommend using it. The language of the documents can be in English and Spanish.

How can I best prepare myself for the BCG Online Exam?

We will provide you a document (click here) with examples of GMAT and Case Online. In addition we actively suggested that the candidates do as many exercises and examples as possible.

I have already applied in the previous recruitment process. Can I apply again?

Yes, the only condition is that six months has been passed since the last application.

Do I have to finish my studies to start working at BCG?

Yes, you have to finish your exams and studies to start working at BCG, but you can also start working if you only have to do or defend your thesis.

Do I need to have experience to apply to the Associate role in BCG?

No. In addition you don’t need business background, we welcome applicants from all intellectual disciplines and all universities.

Can I speak with a current BCGer before applying?

We actively encourage you to do this as much as possible, either by attending our recruiting events and speaking with your School Captain or requesting a contact via bcg.bue@bcg.com.

What happens if I am on International Exchange during your recruiting process?

You should submit your application online as normal, but please make sure you inform us as soon as possible if you will be out of Argentina during the interview period by emailing us at bue.bcg@bcg.com. Usually we are able to make arrangements for you to be interviewed elsewhere or via video conference.

How does the first-round interview process work?

The first round usually consists of two face-to-face, or video conference, case interviews of 45 minutes each. The interviews run back to back and are mostly held at the BCG Buenos Aires Office. All our interviewers are fully trained. You can expect each interview to open with a brief introductory chat and discussion of your CV. The case will then take from 20–25 minutes, and the meeting will conclude with an opportunity for you to ask questions.

Can I find out who my interviewers will be beforehand?

Due to client commitments our interviewers are subject to change at short notice so we invite candidates to arrive 15 minutes in advance of their scheduled start time, when we will give you a short biography of each of your two interviewers.

Do you ever use video conferencing for your interviews?

First-round interviews are often face-to-face, but VC interviews are also becoming common. Please note that a VC interview does not in any way put you at a disadvantage.

I’m interested in digital technologies, what are my options at BCG?

First of all, much of BCG’s work now involves helping organizations on their digital endeavors, so as a generalist consultant, it is likely you will work on many digital projects. BCG has a large and growing number of consultants and experts who combine the full consulting skill set with deep digital, technology, and transformation expertise. If you wish to work with our digitally-focused Technology Advantage Practice which works with clients across all industries to build competitive advantage through their use of data, technology and digital solutions, please mention in the application form, that you are interested in interviewing for the Technology Advantage Group in the comments box after you select your three office locations. In addition, Digital BCG includes: • BCG Digital Ventures, a team of innovators, operators, entrepreneurs, and investors that builds disruptive digital businesses with clients. • BCG Platinion brings together experts in IT architecture, digital design, engineering, agile delivery, cybersecurity, and emerging tech. • BCG GAMMA comprises a team of data scientists, technologists, and consultants that combine advanced skills in data analytics and artificial intelligence with deep industry experience. To apply for these roles, please apply directly on their careers website.

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