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FAQs about our Recruiting and Application Process

As an LGBT candidate, you may have some questions about our recruiting process. Here are some answers we think might help.

If you don't see your questions answered below, you can always e-mail us at with other questions.

Should I be "out" during recruiting?

BCG seeks to hire all talented individuals regardless of sexual orientation, so you are neither advantaged nor disadvantaged as an LGBT candidate. However, we encourage you to self-identify so that our group can support you through recruiting. You should also feel comfortable to list any LGBT leadership or extracurricular activities in your application.

Can I be out to the Pride@BCG only and not other BCGers in the recruiting process?

You can request to be a confidential candidate. We will still assign a Pride@BCG buddy to assist you during the process. The only disadvantage is our ability to readily monitor your progress and assist you in connecting with the local office.

How do I apply internationally? What if BCG doesn't recruit at my school?

BCG offices in different regions often have different recruiting schedules. We may not recruit directly at your school. In either case, please check with your local BCG recruiting office. If you apply directly through our website, be sure to reach out to a Pride@BCG member or e-mail us at to let us know you have applied.

How can I become involved in the Network?

Members can connect with Pride@BCG in a number of different ways: by attending our conferences, supporting our recruiting efforts, planning/attending local affiliation activities and events. They can volunteer to be an office node, a mentor or a member of our leadership team. Additionally, the Network distributes 4 newsletters a year and anyone is welcome to contribute.