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The Countdown Begins

With your summer at BCG just around the corner, here are some tips from former summer interns on how to make the most of your BCG experience.

Speak up

"From your first day, you’re a full member of the team at BCG. You'll have a lot of CTMs (case team meetings) this summer, and your team really wants to hear what you have to say (including the partners). You’ll find you’re more prepared than you realize, and what you have to say will end up pushing the team’s understanding of the case further."

Say cheese

"ID photos are taken your first day and that is the picture that will stick with you for the rest of the summer. So remember to brush your hair! And be sure to carry that ID card with you all the time so you don’t find yourself locked in a stairwell between floors. Not that this happened to me…"

Don’t dare to compare

"There is no such thing as a typical case. Everyone in your class, and all of your office mates, will be having different experiences on different cases. So, while it may be tempting to compare how things are going, it will be like comparing apples and cantaloupes than apples and apples. Embrace what your case sends your way and you’ll be fine!"

Own it

"Take initiative. From scheduling recurring check-ins with your manager to creating a storyboard for the analysis you're working on to setting up an interview with a relevant expert. BCG and your team will do a ton to support you, but the more you do to drive things forward, the more successful you'll be."

Save early and often

"You’ll be doing great thinking to inform important work, so make Crtl+S (the save command) your best friend. Crashes can happen now and then to the best of us so this can save time and trouble later."

Request feedback

"Set up occasional check-ins with your Project Leader to review your performance and set short-term goals for your personal development. These meetings provide you with an opportunity to see how things are going and ‘course correct’ where needed, identifying areas for improvement in a constructive, but informal manner. It is much better to know how you are doing than spend time and/or energy worrying about it. Plus you can learn about strengths you can leverage, too."

Harness your network

"Definitely reach out to other interns (in addition to/beyond your project team) if you are stuck on something. These fellow summers are wonderful resources when you need someone to bounce an idea off of or when you’re stuck on an problem (in my case…usually in Excel). You can help each other tremendously. Take a hand, lend a hand."

Mess up…with a smile

"It’s ok to make mistakes on slides and analysis, but have a good attitude about it. Admit where you messed up, learn from it, move on, and try not let it happen next time around. It happens to the best of us and always presents an opportunity to learn and improve."

Be a sponge

"BCGers are a curious bunch. Show interest in learning more about the client you’re working with, their industry, your team, and BCG itself. Take advantage of all the events, dinners, case team meetings and office time with other interns and colleagues. There is no better time to learn and absorb as much as you can."

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