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Own The Nerves

As you prepare for First Round interviews, you may enjoy hearing the stories of current BCGers who had no problem remembering the ups and downs of their own interview experiences. Read through their stories, from nerves and jitters, to leaving the tag on their suit, to how they got in the zone and into a stride. They want to pay it forward with what they wish someone had shared with them beforehand, so you may benefit!

We hope these stories will reinforce that even through nerves and stumbles, if you focus on being your true self and lean on your good preparedness…you may just enjoy the experience!

Philip, Philadelphia, Consultant

Kathy, Los Angeles, Consultant

Chris, Boston, Consultant

Katie, Philadelphia, Principal

SK, Boston, Consultant

Angela, Chicago, Consultant

Julia, New York, Consultant

Camp, Houston, Principal

Mary, Chicago, Consultant

Christian, Boston, Consultant

Alexandra, Dallas, Principal

Cory, Minneapolis, Principal

Jason, Los Angeles, Consultant

Jeff, Chicago, Consultant

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