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Adam Is a Dynamic Storyteller

The best part of working at BCG is having the chance to work on challenging problems with brilliant people from diverse backgrounds, and being expected at every level—no matter your tenure—to contribute to the solution. This challenges and constantly sharpens your thinking and grows you into an even better thinker and leader.

In Adam’s Words

I came to BCG as a physician, having just completed residency training in radiology prior to joining. I wanted the opportunity to learn business and work on solving some of the many challenges facing the health care system and health care companies, which my role as a practitioner would never allow me to do.

BCG has enabled me to meet every goal I had when joining, allowing me to work across the health care value chain to help answer important strategic and organizational questions and better understand the complex health care business ecosystem. While BCG has benefited me enormously in terms of skills and knowledge, I feel that I have also been able to uniquely benefit BCG with my medical training. This is a major theme of working at BCG, which is differentiated because it can so easily tap into the rich diversity of backgrounds and minds comprising the firm.

About Adam

Adam is a radiologist and engineer by training. He completed residency at University of Chicago after finishing an MD at University of Louisville School of Medicine and a bachelor of engineering in biomedical engineering at Vanderbilt University.


Q: What did you learn in your first year on the job?

A: I learned how to focus on what really matters in complex problems in order to drive quickly toward a solution. Having come from engineering and medicine, my approach to problem solving was very detail-oriented. However, problems in business are often very ambiguous and difficult to define perfectly, which limits the utility of a detail-oriented approach. BCG taught me to instead structure and prioritize potential factors underlying ambiguous problems to enable a quick path to a viable solution—even if isn't the only solution.

Q: What does innovation mean to you and how do you innovate in your role?

A: Innovation to me at a basic level means not accepting anything as a given when looking for solutions. In this sense, we innovate constantly as we strive to help clients look at their problems in new ways and constantly question accepted ways of doing things in driving to a solution. This is a big reason clients hire BCG—to bring in a new innovative perspective to old problems.

Q: What are some of your goals and how does working at BCG support them?

A: I would ultimately love to be an entrepreneur in the health care services space, which my time at BCG will prepare me for well. BCG gives me the opportunity to work on a broad array of strategic, operational, and organizational problems across all sectors of health care and thus provides me with perspective on how various stakeholders in health care are connected. I think that to win in this space, this multidimensional perspective is essential. In addition, BCG constantly pushes me to be a stronger thinker, communicator, and leader and has empowered me to feel as if there are no problems too difficult to tackle.

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