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Anne-Françoise Is an Insightful Storyteller

Associate Director, Paris

At BCG, Storytellers synthesize complex information and ideas. They believe in bringing the whole team together to get a broader perspective. Anne-Françoise finds clarity in a complex world.

At the end of an assignment, I spent an afternoon with my client in order to help prepare the presentation he would give to more than 200 people. His manager publicly congratulated him for his performance. Supporting my client until the finish line was a very strong experience.


In Anne-Françoise’s Words

I worked for ten years in biological research and wanted to expand the scope of my professional skills. I was looking for a job that would demand the same level of intellectual challenge and rigor but would generate more immediate impact. Strategy consulting seemed to offer this very combination, and my experience at BCG delivered on its promises.

I found similarities at BCG with the scientific approach: rigorous methods, investigations, hypotheses, analyses, and, most of all, the excitement of finding new paths for change. This approach enables the development of innovative solutions to the issues faced by our clients' business. This innovation-oriented state of mind, bequeathed to us by our founder Bruce Henderson, is extremely strong at BCG. We can feel it during our regular European and global meetings, at which time each practice area tries to discover what tomorrow's challenges and issues will be, as well as how our clients can face them.

About Anne-Françoise

Anne-Françoise graduated from École Normale Supérieure and holds a PhD in neurobiology from University Paris VI. Before joining BCG in 2011, she led research projects on animal physiology and on aging in the US and Germany.


Q: When did you know you belonged at BCG?

A: For a few months, I have been a facilitator for the PTO (predictability, teaming, and open communication) program, which aims to help teams better communicate and improve their work organization. This experience enabled me to better know the people I was working with. I could then really understand how much all BCGers—from associates to partners—share the same culture. They all pursue a unique objective—to provide value to clients—while being really passionate about their job and being ever curious.

Q: What international experiences at BCG have been the most interesting for you?

A: I had two rather different but extremely interesting international experiences. The first one took me to three Asian countries with one of our Paris clients. For a week, we had a number of meetings with local teams and visited factories and warehouses. The second experience allowed me to live for four months in Morocco and enjoy full immersion in this country's culture and way of life.

Q: How do you maintain a sustainable career balance at BCG?

A: I have been singing in a choir for many years, and this is a true passion. I dedicate at least one weekend a month to this activity. It is extremely important, because this special moment gives me a chance to breathe. At BCG, many people are not only passionate about their job but also about sports or arts activities. It is part of BCG's richness and strength. You just need to know what you want to protect, talk about it within your teams, and be flexible.

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