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Bastien Is a Dynamic Visionary

Project Leader, Paris

At BCG, Visionaries navigate complexity with ease. They use their insight and intuition to identify the solutions that will create lasting impact. Bastien challenges the status quo.

At BCG, I learned more in a few months than I did in a whole year in my previous professional experiences.


In Bastien’s Words

An engineer by training, and with a passion for the energy sector, I started my career in the industry and very soon became interested in strategy issues. After six years, I wished to go further on these issues and acquire true knowhow. By joining BCG, I could quickly discover issues as various as change management, reengineering, operations growth strategy, maintenance, and marketing, all with an international perspective. Where else could I have worked on an energy group's marketing function organization in 80 countries and 17 regions while investigating new industries and discovering various strategic dimensions?

Beyond these tremendous professional opportunities provided by a strategy consulting leader, I particularly like the collaborative culture and the environment of open-mindedness and straightforwardness that is so important at BCG, whether within teams or with clients. My expert profile and my experience are valued here.

About Bastien

Bastien graduated from École des Ponts and Imperial College and holds an MBA from INSEAD. Before joining BCG, he worked for six years on project management in the energy sector.


Q: What is a typical day like for you?

A: There is no typical day at BCG, and this is one of the things that I appreciate in my job. Each week provides me with new challenges and new strategic or complex issues. It may be a project around lean processes in a factory, interviews with experts to analyze a market segment or a niche in a targeted industry, or a brainstorming session with a partner on big data. But it may also be an informal party with colleagues.

Q: What did you learn in your first year on the job?

A: During my first year as a consultant, I acquired a number of tools in order to enrich my analytical and communication skills. To do so, I attended many training courses and benefited from coaching sessions. But there is something that I did not quite expect. At BCG, you learn how to be effective and persuasive in order to generate impact within your team as well as with the client. You learn how to adjust and get your message and beliefs across.

Q: What is something that has surprised you about working at BCG?

A: Before joining BCG, I imagined consulting as an extremely competitive universe. And I was very happily surprised to discover that BCG's culture fosters a collaborative environment, in which everyone can rely on their colleagues' support. The idea that the successful achievement of a project or your own career development is based on collective efforts is very strong at BCG.

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