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Behrang Is a Curious Advocate

I see my path at BCG as one that I engineer myself. It is truly unique from others and one that I shape more and more to my own liking each day.

In Behrang’s Words

BCG has provided me with the opportunity to work in a vast selection of fields, across all kinds of different aspects of those fields. These are opportunities that I believe would not be presented to me at a regular company.

When you are coming straight from university, the professional world has a tendency to peg you for a certain industry or a certain type of work—product portfolio management, for instance. For me, that would have implied working with business development within the energy sector. My latest case has been within the consumer goods industry, with a focus on digital capabilities. This opportunity probably wouldn’t have been presented to me otherwise, and I would have missed out on a field that I truly enjoy working within!

About Behrang

Behrang holds a master’s degree in industrial engineering and management from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.


Q: What did you learn in your first year on the job?

A: Nobody has the correct answer, not even the project leader or the partner. An associate’s responsibility is to be the expert within his or her field and leverage that expertise to help the project leader come up with the best answer.

Q: What is something that has surprised you about working at BCG?

A: The fact that most of my friends from university work more than I do, which wasn’t my expectation at all. I have managed to stay away from working weekends and very late nights, which is not the case for my friends. The weekend is sacred at my office, and there has to be some sort of extreme emergency to warrant work on Saturdays or Sundays.

Q: How have you benefitted from a mentoring relationship at BCG?

A: I have benefitted immensely from several mentoring relationships during my internship and my time as an associate. These relationships present an opportunity to leverage knowledge and experience that I currently do not possess, both at BCG and in life. I believe that it is an associate’s obligation to leverage the people and resources around them in order to constantly improve.

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