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Carolina Is a Collaborative Storyteller

At BCG, I am surrounded by the most incredible people I could wish to work with—people who inspire me to succeed, teach me and share the great value that we create together, and, above all, are highly respectful of one another.

In Carolina’s Words

When thinking about where to begin my career, I was aiming for a place that would meet three key criteria: an outstanding firm where I could add value by leveraging my analytical skills in creative new ways, an exciting challenge that would force me to think on my feet and learn every day, and an excellent team environment that would attract incredible people from all walks of life.

At BCG, I found that place. After just six months, I was part of a team of people from more than five different countries, working to define the global pricing and access strategy for part of the portfolio of a multinational pharmaceutical company. By the end of my first year at BCG, I had worked in four distinct industries, traveled to ten countries spanning two continents, and met so many inspiring people who became not only outstanding colleagues but also true friends.

I could not be more proud of being a BCGer nor more certain of my choice.

About Carolina

Carolina holds an economics degree and a master’s in finance from Católica-Lisbon School of Business and Economics.


Q: What international experiences at BCG have been the most interesting for you?

A: Throughout my journey at BCG, I have had the privilege of working in numerous countries and experiencing many different cultures in very diverse contexts. For example, in one four-month project, my project leader and I flew across Europe (to more than eight countries), helping to reshape European health care systems toward an outcome-based approach. It was an incredible opportunity to learn about different health care systems, identify best practices, understand different cultural dynamics, and, at the same time, travel and experience a bit more of beautiful Europe.

Q: How do you maintain a sustainable career balance at BCG?

A: One of the things I value most at BCG is the transparency and openness to talk. Once, a project leader told me, "Carolina, everyone at BCG will be there to support you if they know what is important for you." Since then, whenever I begin working on a new project, my project leader and I take the time to define my personal KPIs and protected time off. Because everything is clear and set from day one, I'm able to achieve a near 100% accomplishment rate of these KPIs. Your project leader can’t make guesses about your personal commitments, but he or she will respect them if you talk about them ahead of time.

This great respect for your personal life and the incredibly challenging work of BCG are the perfect ground for a fulfilled life.

Q: What is something that has surprised you about working at BCG?

A: The basic trust that exists within teams, which allows for autonomous work management and life planning. For example, during an international project I was staffed on, I asked my project leader if I could work from Lisbon for one additional day per week, since we weren't working onsite with the client. After trying this model for a couple of weeks and realizing that it could work, she placed full trust in me and allowed me to continue flying back home early as she knew I would always deliver the materials needed on the agreed due date.

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