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Cassandra Is an Insightful Ally

Senior Associate, London

At BCG, Allies bring a sense of collaboration and excitement to their teams. They create an atmosphere of trust and support in which people can do their best work. Cassandra finds clarity in a complex world.

The best part of BCG is its culture and people. It is a place where everyone comes together, fully supportive of and driven by the urge to learn from each other.


In Cassandra's Words

I have always been a curious person, with a broad and growing list of interests. I consider myself a mathematician, a musician, and an author, among many other things, so it was not easy for me to decide on a career path. However, BCG has allowed me to enjoy the sweet spot of balance. The breadth of industries appeals to my curiosity and also allows me to apply my skills as a mathematician in logic and reasoning and my creativity as an author and musician.

BCG has given me the environment to make change happen and add real value to clients, with everybody's opinion and contribution valued equally. I have worked directly with the C-suite of a bank, affecting change with top management. I have contributed towards an advancement for an entire industry. I have helped a client decide the age-old question of whether a company is worth acquiring. At BCG, there is client interaction and exposure to a wide range of business problems, supporting my rapid development as a consultant.

About Cassandra

Cassandra holds an undergraduate and a master’s degree in mathematics from Imperial College London and completed a summer internship at BCG.

Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: The best part of my job is that I am never bored. I love solving different problems and constantly meeting new people, whether it is a new case team, another BCGer, or the client. I find the work interesting and challenging, and every day I learn something new. No day is the same and it keeps me on my toes!

Q: What is something that has surprised you about working at BCG?

A: I always knew that there would be a range of people working at BCG, but I didn't quite realize the extent that our backgrounds would differ. For example, the group of people I joined BCG with included a Royal Marine and a doctor. Our diversity gives us new perspectives on solving problems and makes BCG an exciting place to be.

Q: How would you describe the BCG community?

A: It’s fun to be a part of the BCG community. There is a constant stream of social events organized by people in the office from wine tasting to rock climbing. People are always interested in helping the wider community, including charity events and providing our services for good causes. We are a diverse group of people who come together to share our interests with one another.

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