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Costanza Is a Passionate Innovator

Project Leader, Copenhagen

At BCG, Innovators view the world from unexpected angles. They bring creativity and a fresh perspective to every challenge they face. Costanza champions uncommon ideas.

The opportunities for development at BCG, both professionally and personally, are unmatched. The sky’s the limit.


In Costanza’s Words

Looking back at how the dots in my professional life connect, I have often chosen the less conventional job path. I started my career as a researcher in nuclear fusion energy, then I became a manager for a start-up that increases the reach of scientific discoveries. What truly inspires me is to drive innovation in my work—whether it's a game-changing energy source or a disruptive idea to advance scientific progress. I've always found a sense of purpose working on innovation.

Similarly, at BCG I am constantly exposed to thought-provoking ideas by some of the smartest colleagues I've ever had. Because BCG is at the cutting edge of strategic and management consulting, it has been an incredible development journey so far, with opportunities to innovate at many levels.

About Costanza

Costanza holds a PhD in plasma physics from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland) and has taken part in leadership and business programs at IMD and Babson College.

She graduated with an MS summa cum laude in physics from the University of Genoa (Italy) and spent her final three semesters at Uppsala University (Sweden) after being awarded a European scholarship.


Q: If you weren’t working at BCG, what would you be doing?

A: I've always had an interest in entrepreneurship, and I have a long list of ideas. I would someday like to develop a start-up. For the time being, there are many opportunities to meet entrepreneurs through BCG. For example, as part of BCG's social impact efforts, we have a fantastic initiative in which consultants give pro bono support to entrepreneurs engaged in the design of sustainable solutions to global challenges and help them develop a solid business model.

Q: When did you know you belonged at BCG?

A: Much as it's hard to believe, my BCG interview process was one of the most interesting and exciting experiences in my professional life! I very quickly realized that my interviewers were far from the stereotypical management consulting type; they were all about high performance and execution. The five people who interviewed me that day all had intriguing stories to share and a genuine interest in hearing about my own path. I felt an instant connection with the people.

Q: What’s your home office like?

A: Having never lived in Denmark before, I thought it would take me some time to integrate in the office life—but I couldn't have been more wrong! Everyone in the office has been incredibly welcoming from the very beginning, and I am now good friends with several of my colleagues. The Scandinavian work culture is very relaxed, so it's really fun when I get to spend a day at the office.

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