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Craig Is a Curious Visionary

I was blown away by how supportive everyone at BCG is. Despite being busy with their own work, colleagues on different projects are always willing to take time to provide topic expertise or assistance—even at odd hours!

In Craig’s Words

After training and working as a doctor, the next step was to choose a specialization and be locked into a training scheme for at least five years. Instead, I wanted to break out and broaden my skills, knowledge base, and experiences. BCG has provided me with all of these things.

Through BCG, I’ve been able to develop a firm grasp of business and strategy, and I’ve learned new skills through examining diverse problems across industries—including deepening my understanding of health systems.

BCG has shaped my ability to structure issues, distill insights, and design solutions. It’s been a challenge—but one that has left me indisputably more capable and confident in confronting difficult challenges.

About Craig

Craig has a bachelor of medicine and surgery from Auckland University. He holds New Zealand medical registration, having worked as a junior doctor at Auckland City Hospital.


Q: What did you learn in your first year on the job?

A: My major learning was how to work in an unstructured environment. Medicine, like many jobs, has structures that dictate much of the work (patient flows, shifts, on-calls), whereas at BCG projects are extremely broad in their scope. It’s our job to narrow this down, decide on hypotheses and investigate them, and ultimately find timely solutions. I think this breadth of possibility is unusual, and it develops prioritization and decision-making skills that I’m not sure I would have learned otherwise.

Q: Why did you choose to work at BCG?

A: I chose to work at BCG because I wanted to broaden my career options. I didn’t want to lock myself into a long period of training without exploring wider health opportunities. BCG has let me work for clients working in diverse areas of the health industry and has provided first-rate training. I believe the superlative training is why the industry values BCG experience so highly, and why BCG has the ability to open so many doors.

Q: Tell us about a moment when you challenged the status quo?

A: We had a project for a client, helping them to structure and validate the business case for a health research commercialization venture. The project sponsor was very bullish on profitability, but I was very happy that he was able to accept our conclusions to the wider decision-making body that the venture would potentially be financially self-sustaining, but not wildly profitable.

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