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David Is a Dynamic Ally

Managing Director & Partner, Dallas

At BCG, Allies bring a sense of collaboration and excitement to their teams. They create an atmosphere of trust and support in which people can do their best work. David challenges the status quo.

BCG has nailed the balance of finding people who are both wickedly smart and incredibly down-to-earth. I find myself consistently delighted by my project teams because (a) I'm never the smartest person in the room, and (b) there's a limited sense of hierarch—everyone feels comfortable challenging everyone else’s opinions in the spirit of pushing the thinking forward.


In David’s Words

I crave opportunities to be a part of a cohesive team, to step into challenging situations that accelerate my personal growth, and to leave a mark. This has proven to be the consistent pattern across my career—as a football player at Duke, working at a software startup prior to business school, and finally in my experiences with BCG.

I started at BCG as a "generalist," working on 11 projects across five industries in my two years as a consultant, looking to put myself in as many new experiences as I could and uncertain if consulting would be right for me.

I’ve stayed at BCG because I am continually amazed at the incredible experiences BCG offers: working alongside globally significant clients tackling their most challenging problems, traveling internationally to ensure BCG's best capabilities are brought to bear, and, most of all, being a part of a team with amazing individuals who push me to be better every day and who are enjoyable to be around.

About David

David holds a degree in computer science from Duke University, where he was a member of the Duke Blue Devils football team, and an MBA from Duke's Fuqua School of Business.


Q: When did you know you belonged at BCG?

A: I was fortunate enough to be selected for BCG's Ambassador program and spent a year in Paris with my wife and two children (ages three and one). I was nervous because it was such a big cultural change for my family—and I didn't know how the BCG Paris office would welcome a Texan. First, I was amazed at how similar our BCG DNA is across offices—intellectually curious and highly collaborative. I felt right at home from the start. Second, BCG went above and beyond to take care of me and my family and make sure the transition was seamless—even sending care packages when we found out we were expecting another child.

I have since had similar experiences working on projects in Shanghai and Santiago, and BCG continues to amaze me with our unique, invigorating culture, and the care and attention we put into our people.

Q: What did you learn in your first year on the job?

A: Grab the bull by the horns!

Given my background (startup and major investment bank), I was interested to see how BCG treats someone new. I have been consistently empowered and supported by my team, and it was both terrifying and fulfilling. Main takeaway: "Own my module" and work tightly with my manager, which, for me, included utilizing a mix of primary customer research, client and external data analytics, and BCG's best practices and benchmarks.

Q: If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be and why?

A: I would remove any negative stigma around failure and peoples' fears around failing. Failing small and fast is the best way for any person or organization to learn and grow. I know this from experience, but still have a really hard time fully embracing it, and I see this same fear with many of the clients we work with. It's something we can all work on daily.

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