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Dongxing Is a Fearless Challenger

Principal, Shanghai

At BCG, Challengers go against expected thinking and inspire their teams to be truly innovative. Dongxing is unafraid to try new things.

You'll be successful at BCG if you constantly break the upper limits of capability and pursue excellence. Impossible is nothing at BCG.


In Dongxing’s Words

Before joining BCG, I was an electrical engineering PhD, and my background was in technology research. BCG is a fascinating platform for me to explore various industries (such as consumer goods, industrial goods, and health care) and business topics (including strategy, M&A, and governance). Though my cases are challenging, I enjoy them because I learn more and can do more almost every day.

The cases at BCG offer young employees at the early stage of their career the chance to make an impact on well-known, sophisticated companies and influence their senior management's decision making. In my debut case, the CEO of a company with several thousand employees asked me to share our thoughts on the company’s organization, and the client took our recommendation into action. On the announcement day, my colleague and I felt thrilled that we had made real impact for the client. This is common at BCG. Young employees contribute to the changes that happen within industries.

About Dongxing

Dongxing holds an electrical engineering PhD degree from Harvard University and a bachelor’s degree in information science and engineering from Zhejiang University.


Q: Why did you choose to work at BCG?

A: BCG has made it possible for me to work in various industries and topics that are new to me. Young professionals can gain rich experiences from their case journeys at BCG, which attracts me most. Aside from the content of the work, the intellectual and diligent colleagues sharing similar values with me is also a big reason for me to work at BCG

Q: How would you describe the BCG community?

A: The BCG community is composed of people with diverse backgrounds and strong career goals. It’s possible to have colleagues who were previously a physician, a soldier, or a startup owner. Going forward, they may have quite different career goals. Some may want to be part of an NGO after BCG. Others may have an academic position as a long-term career goal. These backgrounds and career goals make conversations and gatherings with colleagues very fun.

Q: What does being a mentor mean to you?

A: Being a mentor is a two-way people development process. The mentee gains a better understanding of his or her strengths and areas for development, leading to greater success at BCG. For the mentor, the ideal target is not just set for the mentee but it also helps the mentor reflect on what he or she wants to become at BCG.

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